My name is Sanford W. Cramer III. I am known as Mike Cramer also.  I have been a member/apprentice for over a year now but not new to Neothink or the late Dr. Mark Hamilton.  I have known for over 50 years the real going ons in societies and especially the United State of America.  I have researched Neothink, Society of Secrets, Mr. Mark Hamilton act and have learned quite more truthful  about man, bi-cameral to present by reading “The Nouveau Tech Package of Inner-Circle Secrets by Mark Hamilton, The Nouveau Tech Package of Miss Annabelle`s Secrets (also by Mark Hamilton) Pox Neothink by Mark Hamilton and updated information by Mark Hamilton and have researched the Bible, Socrates and Jesus’, pro-individual anti-establishment ideas the Koran, Hebrew, Christianity, Joan of Arc, Julian James, Samuel Gompers, Jack Welsh, and numerous other value creators and found a lot is left out of formal education on what the State wants you to know verses what everyone should e taught.  My late step grandfather whom was a Mason member taught me a lot about bi-cameral mentality, God/Man, Career Politicians ECT.  Also I was given a 1st edition copy of”Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill 1950 by my grandparents to read and even today I reread this treasured book.  I also reread works by Mark Hamilton and of course Mark Hamilton.  My constant Positive Mental Attitude is my destiny implanted by God/Man to never quit, never be ruled by the anticivilized world, politicians, judges, parasites.  Neothink identified Neothinking as a mystic-free forward moving digital process.  I am glad to see soon the depoliticizing of America to free business`s and entrepreneurs to move forward to make America again the greatest country on Earth and I am proud to be a member and see this accomplished thru Mark Hamilton and all others and also to participate not as a career politician but one of the greatest Neothink 12 visions part President of the United States as my destiny/vision for 20 years has come to my mind thru the Creator.


Sanford W. C


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  1. donald r. Deitz Jr. @ 2011-08-25 09:04

    I was a member of neo tech. When I read the manscript sent to me amazing things happened. No one would help me understand what was going on. Then the wolfs showed up as sheep an tried to prey upon my ingorance. Since then i have come along ways in putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I am in the middle of writing the book of truth( the real truth) The prodigcal sons journey of the truth. Would Mark H. help me publish it? I”ve seen things no one has seen 501-7625783

  2. AEdmondson @ 2013-12-26 23:46

    i had my first manuscript in 2008 i kept it every where i went. i lost my book when my truck caught fire at wrk. How can i get another book. All i. remember is Neothinking and mini-days. And the guy with the envelope company.

  3. Please someone help me to progress forward quickly. I just got my book three days ago and I am so into it. But I work a full time and a part-time job I could only read after I come home from school and put the children to bed. I usually stay up till 1 or 2 in the morning reading it. I am so thankful for this eye opening book. Every time I read I feel like I was there in the same place and time. I really want to feel the secrets.

  4. Michael Perry Batts @ 2014-03-17 15:38

    I received the Neothink edition of Miss annabelle’s secrets last year. I was supposed to progress even more in the Society. Things kept happening that basically interfered with my progress(I take soem of the blame for that). Irealized that I ahd made a commitment to the Society. I am one who makes promises and keeps them. I need to move forward. I am tired of sitting back and not progressing. How do I do this?

  5. san juanita Chavez @ 2014-11-11 06:59

    There are Three(3) books….of which I’ve received the first and last one …the 2nd of 3 I never received. It has been years since I first got these books and I feel I have not fully grasped this Secrecy without the 2nd part.
    I do not know what happened or why the second part was not received. ..but I’m hoping to read it soon….I feel the first book hyped my senses and then to receive and read the third book….left me wondering what happened…I feel the secret or full disclosure was in the Second book and I was left clueless.

    Please HELP!

  6. Eric Allen Hoffmann @ 2016-03-30 21:51

    Neo think is here. I too am in the beginnings of this great society. I ironically am forming a political party of which until i read the twelve visions could not articulate what the party stands i have adoptedtheseas our mission at PAGER and am seeing the puper puzzle pieces snap together with my new visions of immortality and ageless life. contact me via facebook using my name.

  7. Patricia H. Garner @ 2016-05-28 18:37

    I’m about a yr. into the society i started out reading more than i am right
    now i feel bad about that. I have never been a reader like that. I started out really hyped i guess i stepped out of reality, but i’m back. As much as i want to leave to leave my specialized job, i can’t because i would become homeless. I’m not saying by no means someone is forcing me to. I need a financial explosion. That would give me the strength to face my kids and for me to know beyond a doubt this is for me. Mark Hamilton is awesome, he is a genius i want to be like him.

  8. I got my first manuscript about 6 years ago I read the entire thing front to back like 5 times. And I still saw no secret revealed although it is a very helpful book. In a lot of different aspects. It refferes to the law of attraction. I didn’t figure that out till about 4 yrs ago when I watched the secret. After watching that video my life changed dramatically in less than one yr. I lived in a cockroach infested run down apartment in the projects. I was going through a divorce. My son went to prison and is still there now. Both my cars were stolen within a months time
    and I had no job. I saw the video applied what it suggested in my life started being greatful. Let go of everything negative that had happened. And in a few months my relationship with my husband was better than it had ever been we got both our cars back. Moved out of the projects a few months later now we live in a semi luxury apartment in a mid class neighborhood. My husband was able to join the local carpenters union and double his income I found a job at a private golf club. We were able to sell one vehicle for a new truck. We have all brand new furniture and really nice too. Everything is new bed kitchen table two large leather sofas brand new lighted china hutch. New coffee table med sewing machine new clothes,shoes,dishes,ECT. New bank account in great standings credit cards with high limits also in great standings credit scores we thought wed never see. Vacations. So just to say you need to know the secret is your human energy field and the law of attraction is connected. Study that.

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