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                          Testimonial for Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society 03/16/2010

 I am a long time owner of many of Mark Hamilton’s books. I will never part with these books for any reason as they literally have saved and turned my life around to a wonderful and self leading way. 
 Mark and the Society are the most honest, wonderful, caring and loving people I have ever met.  I am proud and glad to be part of this loving society. 

 All that I have ever received from the American normal way of life was mostly coercion, deceit, lies, rewritten history etc. I knew from a very young age that most of what I was being “taught” were mostly fairy tales and lies. I did not fall for what the churches were trying to force on me or what the schools were also trying to force on me. Only the english, math and science lessons what were taught to me were worth learning.

 Only until I received my first Neothink book did I finally get the real and honest info about how the world really works. How we the people really work and should be. I have never read anything dishonest or deceitful in any of Mark Hamilton’s literature……period!   He and the rest of the TVP and Neothink Society wants only to help all of us. That is the way all of the world should be treated, with respect, honesty and love.

 The TVP can lead us into a much better way of American life.

 Scott Jordan

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